Rodrick Minor

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Granny Said

I once heard my grandmother say
I’m an old soul with a young heart
A Baptist church buried in this voice box
Of mine with a fisherman’s prayer
A gospel hymn anchored in the riverbed
Of my soul that’s been wading in the water
In search of the lighthouse

A country boy whose fingertips
Are full of stardust that beams
Across the sunset over the Mississippi
A spine that’s built from an ancestry of women
That are full of grit in the midst of a storm
She used to say
That my hands were catapults
That one day they will shoot
For every dream beyond the cosmos

She used to tell me that I dream outer space a lot
That Earth can only hold so much magic
That there’s a choir in this heartbeat of mine
That’s full of hallelujahs and amen
Keep shaking that tambourine
Keep playing that organ
Keep lead singing
Keep writing that scripture
From your lips
Until the universe
Knows exactly who you are

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Freewrite. Black Boy (Introspection of the black boys that have past away and the black boy before you)

Black boy be afraid
Black boy don’t make sudden movements
Black boy don’t talk back
Black boy to protect and serve
Is translation to protect and serve
Flesh that doesn’t look like you
Black boy be a scapegoat
Black boy be blood
On the curb like it’s road kill
Black boy be, oh he had it coming
Black boy be another poem
That they say you’re overacting about
Black boy be another black t-shirt
With a hash-tag of names
Like they belong in the hall of fame
Black boy be endangered species
Black boy be innocent
Black boy try to survive
Black boy gotta be paranoid
To survive
Black boy gotta be PARANOID
To survive
Black boy life has no value
Black boy if you can…

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